NHS paperwork

Now I have a shiny letter with an official due date, I need to get into the system for all the joys of seeing docs and midwives and antenatal checks and booking a hospital and more peeing on a stick than I've ever dreamed of.
So I trotted down to the GP with his copy this morning, and asked the receptionist whether she could get me processed.

Cue much confusion - she suggested I had to phone tomorrow for an appt to see a doctor. It occured to me that I've already seen a doctor and he took all the details of where I'd like to be seen, etc, so I went back and asked if I really needed to see another doc so soon or if I could just get straight to the midwives - couldn't they just process all the paperwork they've already got now they can put a due date on it.

The receptionists at my surgery luckily have some brain cells and realised that clogging up a GP appointment with someone perfectly healthy is a waste of time, so went to establish if she could just give me the midwives' phone no. Someone with expertise was on the phone, so receptionist returned and we debated the merits of different venues. Turns out that while there is an antenatal clinic across the road from my house, if you go there you then have to be booked in to St Thomas's in Waterloo - right at the other end of Lambeth! Whereas if I want to go to St George's I have to also go there for all antenatal checkups - however many those are. Cue much confusion over the system and who exactly was supposed to book me into a hospital - she asked me and I just waved my arms widely and said "I don't know!"

Meanwhile the computer that registers patients when they show up died, so about 20 people were queuing for the other receptionist, including the obligatory one who was 20 minutes late so the machine wouldn't register her, only the patient didn't understand the explanation, even when the receptionist explained that because it was a child's appointment the duty doc would see them, but only as part of the walkin session so there would be a long wait.

Eventually it was decided I need to phone tomorrow and book a 'First antenatal appointment' with a doctor, which is a double appointment. I will then get everything else I need.

In the meantime, any views on where I should give birth? The main options seem to be Georges, Tommies, or Kings. I suppose even if Tommies is further away I only have to get there and back once - is that right? I don't know of any local midwife-led units attached to hospitals, which North London seemed to have lots of.  The default for my GP surgery is St Helier, but that's a) miles away and b) reputed to be shit. Although the total lack of public transport is the main factor against it.
I have no desire to give birth at home, so don't start evangelising that.

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Is it normal to be very pleased that my positive pregnancy test stick is a pretty shade of deep bisexual purple?

ION, Quatlet now officially exists and played up to the ultrasound cameras this morning - until they tried to print off a pic, at which point it got shy. But all good news: Quatlet has a nicely-shaped head, a good heartbeat, two arms and legs of appropriate size, and is 9cm long. Quatlet is therefore probably 14 weeks 3 days old, and due to meet the outside world on 13 September.

Although I doubt it'll be on time. Probably turn up at Bicon. :)

Stealth Sproglet!

Sorry <lj user=quatlet>, you've been rumbled.
I had blood tested 10 days ago where they tested for hCG among other things, just to conclusively rule out my immune system thinking it was pregant while the rest of me had produced negative pregnancy test results. My GP and I both figured my nausea and tiredness were probably related to the gut problems which seemed to have gotten better - I've had vomiting and nausea for most of the last 3 years, but haven't thrown up at all since 30/12/2007, which I figured was probably stress at my parents visiting that day. And I've had a really nasty cold-type lurgy for much of the last month.

Just about to go to bed at midnight on Wednesday, when I found the post, which included a boring-looking letter for me, so I decided to open it. It said: Your blood results mean you are pregnant. Please see one of the doctors ASAP. A urine test should come up positive now too. Best wishes, Your GP.

It was rather like finding I'd passed an exam I didn't remember entering. I squealed and laughed but was too knackered for a happy scooby dance, and Conflux came to the stairs to find out what could be so exciting. Obviously the next step was a pregancy test - which had a positive line come up a whole minute before the control. At this point I started to believe it. Given that I'd been in floods of tears when I'd got home, I think this may be the widest range of emotions I've ever had in one day.

So went to GP on Friday - some confusion about which one I was seeing, and then an hour wait as "a patient is unwell" - I didn't point out the tautology there as the GP was legging it to the patient and an ambulance was in attendance. Ended up with Dr H who I'd hoped to see in the first place.
Me: "Dr K says my blood test says I'm pregnant."
Dr H [looks at screen] <i>Hell</i> yes!

Apparently non-pregnant women have hCG levels of <3. Me? 6500. Which means at least 3 weeks pregnant.

Yay. Except for the more weeks of nausea and likely morning sickness, right?
Obviously what I wanted to know is when Sproglet might turn up, given that LMP dating would mean I'm 6 months gone already, and, well, no.
Dr palpates me a bit. "14-16 weeks, probably."

Me: What? Practically 4 months already?? Apparently so. I'm having a dating scan on Tuesday, but it looks like I'm having a baby in the first half of September.

I know me and my body don't communicate that well, but hiding a 6-inch embryo in my tummy?? My trousers still fit!

On the plus side, the nausea and exhaustion ought to ease soon, and I don't need to fret about the chances of a first-trimester miscarriage (lots of miscarriages run in the family - my aunt had 7 before her first baby), because I've already <i>done</i> the first trimester. Feels a bit like cheating. Although I was previously really cheating by having <lj user=aranel04> do childbirth and not me - guess I'll have to have labour as well now. Oh well.

</lj-cut>OMG I'm practically 4 months pregnant!!!